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Popular color with the floor
Posted on: 11/29/2016 01:27 AM
the overall coordination needs to be coordinated
The decorative role of the floor more and more prominent. Outdoor Wpc Decking In the pursuit of personalized, diverse decorative effect, strengthen the wood floor with bright colors, clear texture, bright gloss, and other advantages. Exterior Deck Flooring However, the choice of the overall coordination of the floor when the problem is very important because the floor and walls are large area, so their choice of color will determine the tone of the home environment. Reasonable use of floor color, line with, to create a very comfortable visual space.
??On the floor color and pattern selection and the age of the person has a great relationship. The younger the psychological age, the more people will choose bright and strong visual impact of color, it seems the only way to highlight their flying personality. To the 30-year-old or so, most will choose the color of light, elegant color of the floor, because the people to this age has been more mature, began to have their own obvious preferences, began to pay attention to style, but in the Color or will like the bright color. And others to middle age, began to prefer the grace and the atmosphere, solid wood solid color and solid texture gradually dominated.
Waterproof Porch Decking Material Determine the color of the floor should be based on the size of the home decoration area, the overall style of decoration may be. If the room size and adequate lighting, it is appropriate to use darker colors, thick wood texture of the floor, so that the larger room becomes relatively compact; the contrary, a small area of ??the room can choose light colors, fine wood floor, Giving a sense of openness, but also make smaller rooms look more spacious. Many people in the planning time, always want to be very mature, but the end result is often unsatisfactory. This is often a problem with the mix. Although there are a variety of colors of the floor, the proposed color of the floor or the use of plain, such as white, white, snow white, gray and so on, so Buzhi Yu late buy furniture when embarrassed. Of course, on the basis of coordination, a small amount of contrast can also try, such as furniture, dark color can be used to reconcile the neutral color floor. The contrast of the two colors can also give space a new life, to create a unique visual experience. Wpc Garden Fence Different floors will give people a different visual experience, and in the heart caused by a special emotional response, if a variety of wood 'temperament' to understand, it will make the final results to meet their expectations. Decorated with mahogany floor, can get warm and quiet feeling; deep red decorative flooring can bring out the luxurious, solemn atmosphere; white maple wood flooring prominent elegant and practical style; beech floor so that the room comfortable; The rooms look neat and not crowded; the walnut floors look dignified and noble; the oak flooring is free, uninhibited and back to nature."
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Re: Popular color with the floor
Posted on: 05/15/2017 04:30 PM
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